Love For Love

Love for Loveis made up of a team of specialists dedicated to providing the most beautiful mystical journeys of people’s lives. They accompany you in your marriage, birthdays, baptisms, retreats, and any other special occasion by offering you deep, meaningful ceremonies and spiritual retreats held in the most extraordinary, beautiful places in Mexico.

Love for Love provides you the unique, unforgettable experience of participating in a ceremony or retreat that has been meticulously planned to adhere to the magical traditions of the Mexican culture.

For one hour or for one week, enter into a genuine union and commitment with your loved ones and with us, and have as your witnesses the universe, the natural elements, the four cardinal points, the evocative echo of the conch shell, and the most beautiful scenery in Mexico.




Hi, my name is Mayte, and when I was in Playa del Carmen I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. When I celebrated my 50th birthday, a group of friends decided to give me a gratitude ritual, which was held on the beach. It was the perfect setting, and in the company of nature, my friends, and Lili’s words, a sea of sensations and feelings were created for me… thank you Lili, for this encounter with what is most meaningful, the most important things that I most strive for in my life… I feel recharged with positive energy, filled with eagerness to enjoy 50 more years.


Reaching the 50 happy, full, with the soul full of blessings, for me there was no better way to celebrate than thanking the universe and life, teachings, pain, growth, my beautiful family, my love and wonderful friends . It was a hot June day came the most significant for me (on this side of the country) since I came to this beautiful earth people, my dear friends who are now like my sisters, my beloved parents always present in my life could not miss, oh and as icing on the cake my beautiful niece. It was a divine ceremony, led by Lili my friend, there was a magical connection, the elements, the light beings, 7 points, offerings, sea and us. Sensitivity to the skin when everyone told me pretty things, no doubt that through life worth, I appreciate all received, thank you , total thank you !!



How is this?

"This ceremony could not have been more perfect. It was special, spiritual, and spectacular. I participate in earth based spiritual practices through my Unitarian Universalist community in the U.S. I was so happy with Liliana and the other women who brought only love and kindness to Mike and I on our wedding day.

The ceremony itself is very moving. We let ourselves trust it was going to be perfect and didn’t try to over plan it, coming only with our own vows and items for the alter. I wasn’t sure how my husband would enjoy it, but I could tell he loved the ceremony very much. It resonated with both of us. I would recommend a ceremony like this to anyone having a beach wedding in Mexico. You will love the ceremony and the women who perform it!”