It is a sacred act of binding energy, also known as the Shamanic Wedding, where the couple strengthens their ties based exclusively on the powerful love they profess, inspired by the Nahuatl and Mayan spiritual cosmovision.

Imagine moving down an aisle strewn with flower petals towards a circle of power where the Priestess or Priest is waiting to bless your eternal union before an altar of ceremonial light.

Imagine how special it is to exchange promises of love before the immensity of the sea, experiencing a unique moment as you seal your eternal bond through an offering to the Universe.

Picture your loved ones forming a sacred circle for presenting the couple to the universal cosmic energy, to the mother earth, the four cardinal points, the guardians of the site, and to the center of their hearts, the temple of love.


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Photographs by :
Eduardo Alvarado
Manuel Capellari