Is the marriage ceremony performed in English or Spanish?

We recommend that the ceremony be held in Spanish with one of the priestess’ assistants translating it. But you can request the ceremony in whatever language you prefer.

What are the days and times the ceremony can be held?

Your marriage ceremony can take place any day of the week, except on Mexican holidays.

At what locations can the ceremony take place?

There is a wide variety of options: on the beach, in a garden, in a cenote, or in the hotel where you are staying.

What kinds of wedding ceremonies are there in Mexico?

In Mexico there are three types of wedding ceremonies: Legal, Religious, and Symbolic.

Love for Love is dedicated to performing only symbolic ceremonies that do not require legal documentation; therefore, no marriage certificate or document will be provided.

This ceremony is not recognized as being official in Mexico or other countries. It is preferred by couples who are only interested in establishing a commitment of love between them, or by couples who are already married but wish to renew their marital vows. Generally the ceremony is conducted by a priest or priestess, or by a non-denominational minister.

Should I bring my own music?

Not necessary. The guests will be the ones who play the wind instruments we provide. Nonetheless, if you wish to include your own music, we recommend that you bring it in CD form or on an iPod. If you would like to hire a musical group to accompany the ceremony, we can recommend some options to you.

What are the benefits of a retreat?

* Our spiritual and well-being retreats connect you with your inner peace.
* They provide you relaxation and a "disconnect" from hectic daily life.
* They rejuvenate your body and spirit.
* They offer emotional and physical healing.
* They give you time to reflect and know yourself.
* You will achieve greater clarity in decision-making and the next step in your life.
* You will find the meaning of life beyond worldly worries and material gains.
* We will accompany you in your work of healing yourself from the tumultuous emotions and worries you have experienced, including divorce, job loss, or death.
* The mind is ready and willing to heal your maladies.
* You will reconnect with your divine self, the universal energy, and your spiritual guides.
* You will let go of emotional blocks and apply the law of attraction to manifest your deepest dreams.

What is Temazcal?

In the Nahuatl language, "Temaz" means bath, and calli means house, thus "bathhouse". The temazcal bath is an ancient ceremonial ritual performed by the Aztecs, even up to the present. The temazcal bathhouse is a round structure, similar to the womb of mother earth, where a purifying, therapeutic steam bath is taken. In this homecoming to the origin of life we discover our inner selves and receive blessings from the four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. Volcanic rocks inside the temazcal are heated until red hot, and healing herb tea is then poured over them, creating steam. Through meditation, prayer, chants, and musical instruments, body toxins are eliminated and the body begins to release stress, tension, and emotional blocks. It is an unforgettable experience, one that comforts the soul.

What is Yoga?

In order to understand yoga you must experience it personally. At first it seems it is not much more than a series of strange physical postures that keep the body svelte and flexible. But with time, anyone who continues practicing yoga regularly will see that there is a subtle change in your way of dealing with life. By consistently performing yoga to tone and relax the body and calm the mind, you will begin to achieve inner peace.

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